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Virgos tend to be very analytical. This means they often thrive in the business world, but not as much in the world of romance. On the outside they appear to be calm and completely together, but on the inside, their thoughts are often zipping around their brain at the speed of light. This may be mistaken for disinterest to a potential mate. Therefore the first thing a Virgo woman who is looking for love needs to remember is to focus. Calm your mind. Look your date directly in the eye and focus. Another common characteristic of the Virgo woman — one that is inherently in conflict with her analytical side — is that she is a hopeless romantic.

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She fantasizes about the moment that she will see her soul mate across a crowded room. A lilting ballad begins to play in her mind as they float toward each other in oblivious bliss. Then, of course, the song skips and those annoying questions start roaring through her brain again, completely spoiling the moment.

So what is a Virgo woman supposed to do to balance her romantic and analytical sides? The key is to find a balance between these two aspects of your personality, something that can most effectively be achieved in two ways:.

Traditionally, a Virgo woman tends to be most compatible with a Taurus and least compatible with a Pisces man. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign. This means he is grounded and practical enough to understand the analytical side of the Virgo, yet he is just whimsical enough to cater to her romantic side. Virgos are Earth signs and so are Capricorn men, which run a close second to the Taurus when it comes to being romantically compatible with Virgos.

Those born under the water sign Pisces are likely to be a nightmare with their attraction to turmoil and their disordered lives for the structured, meticulous Virgo. Water signs including Cancer and Scorpio should be avoided, as they all tend to thrive on chaos and disorder. Water signs also tend to be too emotional to get along well with the practical, no-nonsense Virgo woman. The last thing you want is to spend your life comforting your crying husband because you hurt his feelings when you asked him to pick up his dirty socks. Again, none of these factors is set in stone.

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Virgos do tend to have certain characteristics, but no two people are exactly the same. In fact, no attempts at finding love are entirely comparable. So if you are a Virgo woman looking for love, be sure to consult a psychic to get a reading that applies specifically and uniquely to you. Look at is this way: Many people diagnose their own illnesses by looking up information on the Internet.


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But they are not getting the full picture until they visit a doctor and receive a professional diagnosis. The situation here is the same. Afterward, finding love just might become even more natural to you than organizing your closet! Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes.

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Tarot Readers. Spiritual Readings. All Categories. Love Advice Articles. Psychic Advice Articles. Tarot Advice Articles. Spiritual Advice Articles. Over analyzing and getting hung up on small details is our jam whether we like it or not. We get hung up on things out of our control, think everything through and are not that reasonable sometimes when we are thinking too much. All you can do to help us is just listen!

We are being crazy, we know, so just listening shows you care enough to love us just the way we are. But we always snap out of it! A Virgo loves to show her love by doing for others. Whether its just a nice gesture or maybe gifts, we get satisfaction out of the joy of our partners. We want to do everything in their power to make them happy. Working on your house? We want to help. Starting a new project at work? We are ready with advice to help you make a decision.

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Anything that involves solving a problem or coming to an end goal will be a Virgos sense of purpose in a relationship. We as Virgos also brings a sense of wonder. A Virgos mind is always going and in turn we are always setting new goals for ourselves. By being with us, we will do the same for you. It's not easy to seduce a Virgo. What we as Virgos CAN do is try to be more vigilant, ready, and willing. Instead of running towards love we run in the opposite direction and consume ourselves with working on our next achievement.

Maybe we need to take a step back sometimes and allow situations to play out instead of trying to be prepared for every outcome. Accepting it and taking on the fight and rolling with the punches is something that needs to be learned. Sometimes we need to allow life and fate to bring us to a certain point before we take the reigns back again. Being a sign surrounded by mystery tends to allure and seduce a lot of intrigue.

Being that intelligent and modest brings together an enigma of beauty. The natural and ease of a Virgos beauty is effortless. Follow Us.