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You needn't feel nervousness. Neither should you feel any sense of trepidation.

A plan has been building for some time to this very point. Prepare to launch forward. We often believe problems require much attention and effort to resolve. After all, how often do any vanish or solve themselves on their own? And how many are resolved by doing less instead of more? Lately, you have seen for yourself how doing less in some way has brought a better result than when you insisted on doing more.

A new approach applied now could require you to do even less than you are currently doing to bring a noticeable and helpful improvement. Something in your world can be likened to looking out of the window of a jumbo jet at the ground below and believing you're moving at a painfully slow pace. We know we're moving at hundreds of miles per hour yet science involved with looking out the window gives us an otherwise impression. Don't concern yourself with the fact that a development you yearn to see happen is taking too long for your liking. You're about receive reassurance that your patience is paying off.

You might have resigned yourself to the fact that you cannot be happy or relax until obstacles in your world have been removed. One might have been subject to delays and time might be fast approaching for you to prove yourself in some way. It's also possible you will start to see more than a glimmer of hope where a less than desirable scenario in your personal world is concerned.

Progress on both fronts will do much to boost your confidence, as you're about to see.


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How often are we rewarded for our efforts? We can easily recall countless times in our pasts where we gave something our all and believe we saw nothing in return. Is that not a bit short-sighted to be thinking such a way? Do we believe we always make completely accurate assessments of what our efforts have brought us? Don't believe you've wasted time and effort in some way now. Results — or, rather your reward — might need a bit more time to become clear. So much relies on passwords these days.

We need a password for this and another for that. Sometimes we forget one and experience delays and frustrations simply because we can't recall a single, crucial word. Essential access to something becomes prohibited through a memory lapse and then something 'clicks' and we recall the important information. Just imagine how blown away would that diamond be if a snowflake rained right on top of it and told it that to achieve that regular, complex and marvelous structure it has, it only takes it a variation in temperature.

Capricorns are cardinal: they impose over themselves and their life trying to make everything function in the most orderly way they can, turning dirt into gold; theirs is the founding and organizing effort. This is the true hardship of every Capricorn: dealing with their emotional part. Capricorns are, usually, blown away by such precious natural talents. As friends , if they have some good fire and air among their Moon, Venus and Rising signs, they would find chatting with each other to be very pleasant.

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And thank God for that good morning too: that must have taken a lot of effort out of a shy Capricorn. They could share all the interests and taste in everything and they would still require the relationship to follow a long, precisely scheduled path before they become comfortable enough to let themselves loose around each other.

Both loyal and stable, they could find the strength in each other to do everything, they could really become some kind of reckless pair of friends that would book a table for two among the courts of hell. Scorpio is a born love predator that seeks dominance and depth, while Capricorn is a shy creature that strives for the approval and company of strong, ambitious people. If they were asked what type of person would their dream crush be, they would unknowingly describe each other.

In the case where instead a Scorpio misses to notice the interest of a Capricorn, things are going to potentially become tragicomically messy. This kind of Capricorns truly run a high risk to be classified as creepy by a suspicious Scorpio, so it should be better for them to try to relax and express themselves with less anxiety. Capricorn is solid ground to count on: Scorpio will never fear to be abandoned anymore. As enemies , this couple that is so nice on a good relationship becomes instead a frightening sight of solid hate.

They are both unafraid to battle a total war against each other, whatever the reason for that might be.

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It could become a real tragedy, because an angry, aggressive Scorpio can get really wicked: he will find in the blink of an eye the weak spot of Capricorn and totally exploit it to irreversibly, completely break him to a murder. Earth signs register their life in building blocks: everything that happens to them gets compacted, made into cement. It will make them heartless.

As friends , basing on their Rising, Moon and Venus signs, Scorpios can go from total weirdos, to coy loners, to straight up intimidating people, while it takes Cancers some very specific nasty combinations to make them variate negatively from the sweet and soft-hearted model they usually offer — so witnessing their first approaches should make for a funny and tender sight, like one of a very small child petting a gigantic black bulldog: Scorpios are hardly extroverted, it should usually take Cancers to make the first move and try to socialize with them.

Persistence and coherence will make the best kind of friend out of a Scorpio; Cancers get often criticized for their clinginess, but it might actually be helpful with someone that needs the people in their life to be deeply loyal like Scorpios do. Cancer keep a cute album of photos and drawings of the friendship; Scorpio will keep one etched in his mind and soul. As lovers , in bed, Cancer is the unexpectedly kinky, and a Scorpio will be very gladly surprised. Just when Scorpio thought he would definitely scare his companion away forever and ever with his demonic, unhinged true self, there the Cancer will absolutely stay and make once again beauty from the mess.

Hardly other two or three other pairings in the zodiac can pull off the same level of romance and depth that spawns between these two; it really requires the coldest Moon, Venus and Mars matches to prevent this relationship from working. The both of you would really have to put in an effort to find your way back. While Scorpio and Virgo can build a really secure and safe relationship, you kids can come unstuck when it comes to your attitudes towards the bedroom.

Scorpio tends to be all about the real carnal side of the beast with two backs, whereas Virgo is more about connecting emotionally through sex. That being said, they might get you to loosen up a little, which is never a bad thing in your case! The difference is that you strive for better because you want to do good, whereas Capricorn wants to be good — at everything they do.

And that makes you good together! Does this explain a lot about your current relationship? Or, maybe more about what went wrong in your last romance? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page by clicking the icon at the top of the page! The biggest challenge facing us in the twenty-first century is figuring out how to increase our accessory game.

But, one of the best things about exploring the ins and outs of your zodiac is figuring out just how you can accessorize to match your celestial self. Note: stylish was probably the most important word in that sentence.

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For you, Aries, keeping up with the latest trends is paramount. Being a well-rounded human, Taurus, your sense of fashion tends to come from your desire to make practical choices. Pins are a great way for you to accessorize without compromising your practical fashion choices, Taurus. You know that you can switch up your look with whatever you feel like on the day — whether that be wearing one, two or three pins at once.

As the sign of the twin, Gemini, it can be hard for you to really get fashion. This is why the Best Flans pin pack is your jam, Gemini. Not so that you can share one pin with your bestie — but, rather, change up your look to match your mood. We all know you for being a real romantic at heart, Cancer. Plus, you can share your deep love for guacamole. Rather, you are the trendsetter.


Otherwise, why would you bother wearing it? And be punctual. Heaven forbid the day that you have to choose between the two. That being said, you know that chisme is one of the hardest things to put on your schedule. Because chisme time is all the time. Libra, you tend to have a lot going on in your life. That being said, it can also place a bit of a strain on you, your wardrobe, and your funds. Or, keep it on you at all times. In short Libra, you really, really , need this pin.

And, we applaud you for it. More often than not, you like to wear black to show that you mean business. The R.